8 Best Travel Dresses Of 2024, Tested By Travel Experts

Our top options include CSB's Racer Back Maxi dress and Lululemon's Align dress.

People are planning their vacations around Pokémon Go

People are planning their vacations around Pokémon Go - ‘It is just a bit of novelty,’ avid Pokémon Go and actor Seth Green says

Understanding currency, how to get most bang for your buck when traveling internationally

When heading to an international destination, it's valuable to keep currency in mind. Learn about the value of the dollar and tips to save money abroad.

Coastal New England Towns to Visit This Summer And Into Early Fall

If Europe or globetrotting isn't in the cards this summer, a memorable getaway can still be had thanks to these epic and stunning coastal New England towns.

I spent 3 nights on overnight trains in Europe

Train travel has always been popular in Europe, but overnight trains are really steaming ahead. Travel writer Andrea Sachs tried out the newest generation of overnight trains in Europe.

Hawaii has a new regenerative tourism law (and what that means)

To preserve what Hawaii has, and to help local workers thrive, Governor Josh Green signed a bill encouraging regenerative tourism. What does that mean? Here’s what you need to know. The post Hawaii has a new regenerative tourism law (and what that means) appeared first on The Manual.

The 13 Best Travel Backpacks for Day Trips, Weeks-Long Adventures, and Everything in Between

Including Calpak, Patagonia, and Dagne Dover

If You’re Only Taking A Carry-On For Your Next Trip (And The Thought Is Making You Nervous Sweat), These 30 Things Will Help

No need to pay extra for luggage and then spend time at baggage claim when you can now easily fit what you need into a carry-on. View Entire Post ›

Competition heats up to keep summer travelers comfortable as they wait for flights

For the first time ever, TSA said it screened 3 million passengers at U.S. airports in a single day. Competition is now heating up to keep summer travelers comfortable as they wait for flights.

These Vintage Beach Photos Show That Summer Fun Is Timeless

No matter how fast the world changes and technology evolves, nothing will ever take the place of good old-fashioned fun in the sun on the beach.

Navigating New Skies: New Rules Protect Passengers

ORLANDO, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) — The summer travel season is in full swing, and the TSA says all signs point to a record breaker when it comes to flying. Airport fees are increasingly becoming an issue. The US Department of Transportation has recently announced some new rules that will protect airline passengers. No matter where [...] The post Navigating New Skies: New Rules Protect Passengers appeared first on Ivanhoe Broadcast News, Inc..

Who needs Barcelona? Five secret corners of Catalonia you should visit instead

Barcelona is full. The city now receives around 32 million visitors a year, and for years has struggled with the negative effects of mass tourism – from packed streets to a shortage of affordable housing, blamed on the rise of short-term lettings websites like Airbnb. Last month its mayor said all holiday apartments would be banned by 2028, and dur...

This couple built a travel company for Americans who want to leave the U.S.—then they did it themselves

Jen Barnett and Brett Andrews spent years researching how to leave the U.S. and built a company to help other Americans do the same.

Copenhagen to reward eco-friendly tourists with free food and tours

Visitors to Copenhagen who engage in environmentally-friendly activities such as litter picking or traveling on public transport could be rewarded with free food, cultural experiences and tours as part of a new pilot program.

8 Ways To Save on Food When Traveling — Even With Rising Costs

Seeing the world is one of the great joys of being alive -- and part of that is eating the foods of the cultures you're visiting. Diving into a steaming plate of tamales in Mexico or chowing down on...

Don’t Give Up on Tourism. Just Do It Better.

Paige McClanahan’s book, The New Tourist, argues for recognizing how potent travel’s social force is.

Women Who Travel Book Club: 13 New Books for Your Summer Reading List

Our editors and contributors share their favorite new titles.

4 Fights Couples Always Have On Vacation (And How To Avoid Them)

Relationship experts say these are the most common arguments couples have while traveling together.

Away vs. Béis: We Tried Both to Know the Best Carry-On for Your Next Travel

Have your eye on new luggage but don't know which carry-on to go with? We put popular Away vs. Béis options to the test. The post Away vs. Béis: We Tried Both to Know the Best Carry-On for Your Next Travel appeared first on Reader's Digest.

25 Beautiful Cities Around the World to Add to Your Travel Bucket List

These skylines will give you a surge of inspiration.

The 8 Best Lightweight Luggage Pieces to Buy Now, According to a Travel Expert

Lighten up before liftoff.

Forget the Hamptons. Why In-the-Know Travelers Are Road-Tripping in Nova Scotia

Curious about Canadian wine? Want dramatic coastline views? Looking to hop between charming fishing villages? You can find it all on these road-trip routes through Nova Scotia..

Truly Accessible National Parks Trails

Wheelchair user and blogger Cory Lee shares his favorite trails in national parks that are truly accessible for disabled travelers and anyone with mobility challenges.

Priceline CEO: Airline delays aren’t stopping Americans from traveling

Brett Keller, CEO of Priceline, joins TheStreet to discuss why both inflation and widespread airline delays haven’t stopped Americans from traveling.

26 Newer Travel Products That Will Make You Feel Like A Genius

This RFID-blocking flat fanny pack is so easily hidden you might even forget you're wearing it yourself. View Entire Post ›

Women Who Travel Podcast: Listeners on the Magic and Mishaps of Traveling With Kids

Host Lale Arikoglu fields calls from travelers on the ups and downs of showing children the world.

How to Not Have Your Medicine Confiscated When You Travel

According to a recent survey, one in ten Americans have had their prescription medication confiscated while traveling. The January survey, conducted by Prescription discount service BuzzRx, found that of the 1,245 Americans they surveyed, 44% of respondents had their medications taken from them by border officers, and 41% said Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers had confiscated their meds while going through security on...

24 Wellness Experiences to Book in 2024

From yoga retreats to high-tech spas and everything in between.

If You Test Positive for Covid, Can You Still Travel?

As new coronavirus variants gain traction across the United States, summer travelers are facing a familiar and tiresome question: How will the ever-mutating virus affect travel plans? In light of updated guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the answers may be slightly different from those in previous years. Here’s what to know about traveling this summer if you’re worried about — or think you might have — Covid-19....

40 Camping Essentials For Ultimate Comfort On Your Next Adventure

It's smaller than a soda can when packed away!

Research shows fishing boats in the harbor haul tourists into Danish hotels

The presence of active fishing boats in local harbors is a boon for Danish tourism, according to a research study from the University of Copenhagen. Indeed, the value of Denmark's commercial fishery shouldn't just be measured by its catch, but by its amenity value and the indirect income it nets local communities as well. The researchers believe that their study calls for a fine-tuning of legislation with regards to who is allowed to own fishing...

"The Reality Couldn't Be Further From The Stereotypes": Travelers Are Sharing The Surprising Realizations They Had About Popular Destinations

"It's a place I once avoided because of the stereotypes associated with it, but it ended up being my favorite city in the world, hands down." View Entire Post ›

This Gorgeous Region in Greece Is Where the Greeks Go on Vacation — With Magical Blue Water, Friendly Villages, and Local Food

Take the ultimate road trip unveiling Greece’s best kept secrets.

These Small Towns in California Are Bursting With Beauty and Charm

Nope, this isn't Italy.

The Resort Voted Best in the Continental U.S. Overlooks an Underrated California Beach and Has a Michelin-star Mexican Restaurant

Sun, surf, and relaxation await at these gorgeous hotels that T+L readers voted the best in the continental U.S. in the 2024 “World’s Best Awards” survey.

Everyone obsesses over credit card points, but in 10 months of travel I uncovered 6 other money-saving benefits

Other credit card perks aren't as popular as points, but can save you thousands. From loyalty perks to insurance coverage to rental car benefits, I've saved serious cash.

Wander Wisely: 12 Budget-Friendly Travel Hacks for the Frugal Explorer

Travel on a budget with these tips and tricks.

The Best Airlines for International Travel

Want to fly to more countries? See the best airlines for international travel based on the number of countries, destinations and global networks.

Mediterranean cruise packing list: What to pack when cruising Europe

Here are my packing secrets and a handy Mediterranean cruise packing list to streamline your vacation preparation.

The Last Places On Earth Humans Have Never Visited

For copyright queries please get in touch ► [email protected] ◄ Throughout history, human explorers have ventured into the far reaches of our planet, unveiling its hidden wonders and expanding our understanding of the world. However, even in the 21st century, there remain a few enigmatic corners that have eluded human presence. These last places on Earth serve as a reminder of the vastness and complexity of our planet, challenging the adventurer's spirit and sparking curiosity. In this article, we will delve into some of these uncharted territories and explore why they have remained untouched by human footprints. Subscribe ► ◄ Stay updated ► ◄ # placesnohumanhasvisited

How to Clean Your Carry-On Luggage, According to Experts

It's probably dirtier than you think.

19 Cute and Comfortable Travel Dresses to Pack for Your Next Trip

Go from the beach to the boardroom in comfort and style.

This 122-mile Mountain Road Trip Through Virginia and West Virginia Has Charming Small Towns, Beautiful Hiking Trails, and Outdoor Adventures

Enjoy hiking, biking, whitewater rafting, and beautiful views along the way.

9 Brilliant Packing And In-Flight Tips From Flight Attendants

Save yourself from disaster with this easy-to-follow guidance.

Locals bear the brunt of mass tourism in southern Europe

Many tourist spots in Europe are expecting record numbers this summer. In Venice, some protesters even squatted in apartments in recent years. Europe is the continent that attracts the most international tourists.

Yes! You Can Do Both Universal Orlando Parks in One Day. Here's How.

The writer was hosted. I have done Universal in one day — twice. The first time was in the off season, an early November visit with my cousin. We wanted...

Why it's time to stop being a snob about all-inclusives

Why it's time to stop being a snob about all-inclusives - Don’t turn your nose up — joyful new resorts are ideal for groups of all ages travelling together, discovers Suzanne Moore

8 Things to Do Before Your Next International Trip

Traveling abroad can present different challenges so it's best to be prepared.

This Small, Luxurious Expedition Ship Takes Adventurers on the Amazon River in Search of Pink Dolphins and Stunning Scenery

On an expedition from Rio de Janeiro to the depths of the Amazon, one intrepid writer discovers moments of joy, both big and small, aboard the Seabourn Venture.

Shifting Views of Travel and Big Life Plans Could Change How You Hire People

Today's workers have very different ideas about life's big priorities, like buying a house, and delay them in favor of more travel. Businesses that don't adapt to these new priorities may miss out on talented potential hires.