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Read about the decades-long war to prevent Iran from flying American F-14 Tomcats, or learn about the eight weapons Ukraine needs to halt Russian advances. What else? The issue covers Russia’s hypersonic missiles as well as the story of the greatest treasure hunt in American history.

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➡ The Secret War to Take Out Iran’s Fleet of F-14 Fighters

The U.S. spent four decades chasing spies and arms smugglers trying to keep F-14 fighters in Iran’s hands. So, in the 1970s, why did the U.S. sell such planes to Iran in the first place?

➡ These Are the Big Guns and Sophisticated Weapons Ukraine Needs to Send Russia Running

Grit can only take Ukraine so far. The eight weapons in this listicle are crucial for Ukraine’s fight against Russia.

➡ The Greatest Treasure Hunt in American History Ended—and Then Things Got Really Weird

With only a cryptic poem and map of the Rockies, thousands hunted for Forrest Fenn’s million-dollar treasure. But it came to an abrupt end, leaving more questions than answers.

➡ Russia Is Trying to Intimidate the World With Hypersonic Missiles and Big, Scary Nukes—It’s More Than a Threat

Why should the U.S. and NATO worry about Russia? Because Putin’s regime is developing nuclear-powered cruise missiles, tsunami-causing nuclear drones, and many more powerful weapons.

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