New York, New York - An owl escaped from its enclosure at the Central Park Zoo, sending New York City into a frenzy.

"Hooo" is responsible for this animal's escapade in NYC?

According to The New York Times, an Eurasian eagle-owl named Flaco got out on Friday after the stainless steel mesh around his enclosure was cut open by vandals the night before.

With temperatures quickly dropping below freezing and the dark of night coming, the zoo mobilized a rescue team to bring the owl back home, joined by bird lovers and police officers. Flaco decided, instead, to evade their attempts, so he could explore the Big Apple.

Soon, the owl was spotted hanging out near Fifth Avenue, which one Twitter user was able to snap a photo of.

But he eventually flew off, making his way to 59th street, where he spent the night perched in a tree as zoo workers watched from below.

As of Saturday, Flaco returned to the park, but not back to his enclosure. The Twitter account Manhattan Bird Alert shared photos of the owl in a tree near the park's Hallett Sanctuary.

Another user also shared a photo early Saturday, adding that, "It was so cold that my lens cleaning fluid froze solid." Fortunately, Flaco doesn't seem to mind the chill.

As Flaco the owl remains on the loose, the NYC Parks department said he is "healthy" and has urged admirers to "give space so that he can be rescued."

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