We love New Orleans so much that it’s the city we’ll likely live in when and if we return to the United States for a long term stay.

We adore the Louisiana city for many reasons despite its humid weather (which our curly hair seems to like more more than we do). We’ve noticed that NOLA natives tend to overlook the humidity and other issues like hurricanes, overtourism and crime. They, like us, have a love for the city and its tight communal atmosphere in which people genuinely seem to care about each other.

We admire the city’s laid back attitude and we connect with the passionate people who choose to call the Big Easy home. Plus, we’re enamored with both NOLA’s sophisticated cocktail scene where Sazeracs and Grasshoppers flow freely and its legendary stew of music, from the clubs on Frenchmen Street in Marigny all the way to the Maple Leaf in Uptown, that ranges from second line to jazz to R&B.

We also love the city’s melange of architecture. We’re especially drawn to the Colonial Spanish buildings in the French Quarter, the Neo-Baroque mansions in the Garden District and the more humble shotgun shacks in the Bywater.

But, after a half dozen trips to New Orleans including our most recent week-long visit in 2021, we love the food in New Orleans most of all.

This is a city were it’s possible to taste centuries of skillful sauce making and cooking precision, even at modern restaurants like Mopho. It’s also a city where cooks function as professors of deep ‘fryology’ at restaurants like Willie Mae’s Scotch House and Dooky Chase’s.

Our Picks for the Best Restaurants in New Orleans

After visiting NOLA again and again and again, we’ve eaten at enough New Orleans restaurants to have our go-to spots. Our favorites include down-and-dirty casual eateries as well as dining temples where servers wear jackets and white gloves. Some double as the best restaurants in the French Quarter though some favorites are located further afield.

As we’ve discovered, some of the best places to eat in New Orleans are relatively new while others have been in business for more than a century. This a city where good restaurants are a dime a dozen but the great ones are truly special.

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