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Jen Barnett and Brett Andrews spent years researching how to leave the U.S. and built a company to help other Americans do the same.

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Here's what stood out on board Margaritaville at Sea's new 2,650-passenger cruise ship, Islander.

Dave Ramsey: 7 Vacation Splurges That are a Waste of Money

When you go away on vacation, taking a break from your budget is tempting. You work hard all year for your money to finally reward yourself with a retreat and some time off from your job. The only...

Priceline CEO: Airline delays aren’t stopping Americans from traveling

Brett Keller, CEO of Priceline, joins TheStreet to discuss why both inflation and widespread airline delays haven’t stopped Americans from traveling.

Pan Am will return to the skies in 2025 (for a special flight)

In travel news this week: A beloved airline is making a brief and expensive return to the skies, and France celebrates its national holiday.

26 Newer Travel Products That Will Make You Feel Like A Genius

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Travel Jobs: 9 Jobs You Can Do While Traveling

In a world of high-speed living and remote jobs, earning money anywhere is possible. Travel isn’t cheap. It costs a lot of money, and working in an office does not leave much time for leisure. If you are on vacation and have seen all there is to be seen, you may look for something else to pass the time. Remote jobs don’t have to be boring. In fact, many of them are great options for earning free or discounted travel. You just have to know how to...

I’ve Worked on Cruise Ships for 10 Years—These Are 18 Mistakes Travelers Should Avoid

These insider cruise tips just might be the difference between disaster and the trip of a lifetime The post I’ve Worked on Cruise Ships for 10 Years—These Are 18 Mistakes Travelers Should Avoid appeared first on Reader's Digest.

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Travel Noire Hidden Gems: How Black Travelers Are Breaking Stereotypes And Embracing Off-The-Beaten-Path Adventures

In 2024, travel is witnessing a significant shift, particularly within the Black community. More and more Black travelers are stepping off the beaten path, exploring hidden gems around the world, and rewriting the narrative of global adventure. This movement is not only about discovering new places but also about personal growth. It’s an opportunity to forge connections… Continue reading Travel Noire Hidden Gems: How Black Travelers Are Breaking...

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Michael Cassata and Sara Cokeley transformed a shuttle bus and quit jobs they hated to live and travel in it full time.

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Cruises gain popularity in Kimberley, Australia, offering a glimpse of untouched landscapes

Along Australia’s west coast, the Kimberley Region contains untouched landscapes, with horizontal waterfalls, rock formations, and pristine waters lining the landscape. Aboriginal culture offers a fascinating look into the past. The Montgomery Reef — the globe’s biggest inshore reef — rises from the ocean when the tide recedes. They’re all sights to behold, and increasingly, accessed via cruise ship. The post Cruises gain popularity in...

These Vintage Beach Photos Show That Summer Fun Is Timeless

No matter how fast the world changes and technology evolves, nothing will ever take the place of good old-fashioned fun in the sun on the beach.

How to Not Have Your Medicine Confiscated When You Travel

According to a recent survey, one in ten Americans have had their prescription medication confiscated while traveling. The January survey, conducted by Prescription discount service BuzzRx, found that of the 1,245 Americans they surveyed, 44% of respondents had their medications taken from them by border officers, and 41% said Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers had confiscated their meds while going through security on...

The Last Places On Earth Humans Have Never Visited

For copyright queries please get in touch ► [email protected] ◄ Throughout history, human explorers have ventured into the far reaches of our planet, unveiling its hidden wonders and expanding our understanding of the world. However, even in the 21st century, there remain a few enigmatic corners that have eluded human presence. These last places on Earth serve as a reminder of the vastness and complexity of our planet, challenging the adventurer's spirit and sparking curiosity. In this article, we will delve into some of these uncharted territories and explore why they have remained untouched by human footprints. Subscribe ► ◄ Stay updated ► ◄ # placesnohumanhasvisited

How to pack for a 10-day summer holiday – with hand luggage only

People tend to fall into two camps when packing for their summer holidays. The kitchen sink traveller, and the travel-as-light-as-possible one. In recent years, the badge of honour for the latter group is to take so little that you don’t have to check-in any bags. I’m a die-hard hand luggage only devotee. With the exception of ski trips, I can prob...

If You Test Positive for Covid, Can You Still Travel?

As new coronavirus variants gain traction across the United States, summer travelers are facing a familiar and tiresome question: How will the ever-mutating virus affect travel plans? In light of updated guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the answers may be slightly different from those in previous years. Here’s what to know about traveling this summer if you’re worried about — or think you might have — Covid-19....

13 Best States for Sober Travel

Sober vacations can still be a blast!

Locals bear the brunt of mass tourism in southern Europe

Many tourist spots in Europe are expecting record numbers this summer. In Venice, some protesters even squatted in apartments in recent years. Europe is the continent that attracts the most international tourists.

Forget the Hamptons. Why In-the-Know Travelers Are Road-Tripping in Nova Scotia

Curious about Canadian wine? Want dramatic coastline views? Looking to hop between charming fishing villages? You can find it all on these road-trip routes through Nova Scotia..

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The most comfortable way to wait for your next flight is to relax in a luxurious airport lounge. Here are five ways to ensure you have access next time you fly.

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Other credit card perks aren't as popular as points, but can save you thousands. From loyalty perks to insurance coverage to rental car benefits, I've saved serious cash.

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16 Budget-Friendly Places in Europe to Visit as a Solo Traveler

Are you thinking about exploring Europe on your own without spending a fortune? You’re in for a treat! Europe is brimming with affordable destinations perfect for solo travelers. Picture yourself strolling through enchanting old towns, savoring delicious local dishes, and soaking in diverse cultures—all without straining your wallet. Whether you’re dreaming of the historic charm of Eastern Europe or the sun-kissed coasts of the Mediterranean, there’s a spot just for you. Ready to start planning your adventure? Let’s explore some of the best budget-friendly European places for solo travelers!

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Sun, surf, and relaxation await at these gorgeous hotels that T+L readers voted the best in the continental U.S. in the 2024 “World’s Best Awards” survey.

I visit Universal Orlando several times a year. Here are my top 10 tips for first-timers.

Is it worth staying on property? What should you pack? How do you save on snacks? Here are my top tips for visiting Universal Orlando Resort.

5 Vacation Destinations That Are Terrible Places To Retire

When it's time to plan your retirement, the world, as they say, is your oyster. But if you are looking to retire in one of these five popular vacation destinations, it's essential to understand the...

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This airline will add 18 nonstop routes for winter adventurers

To make your winter trips even better, Alaska Airlines will offer 18 new nonstop flights to sun and ski destinations around the world. Whether you want to push the limits or relax in peace, there’s a flight to suit your needs. The post This airline will add 18 nonstop routes for winter adventurers appeared first on The Manual.

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Love Mexico? Visit Nicaragua for its beaches and adventure without crowds.

Nicaragua is an undiscovered paradise with stunning beaches, horseback riding, ziplining, surfing and more. Here's a travel overview to Nicaragua.

Hawaii has a new regenerative tourism law (and what that means)

To preserve what Hawaii has, and to help local workers thrive, Governor Josh Green signed a bill encouraging regenerative tourism. What does that mean? Here’s what you need to know. The post Hawaii has a new regenerative tourism law (and what that means) appeared first on The Manual.

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'Wonderful' underrated Irish city home to whiskey history, exotic wildlife and more

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