Ireland is full to the brim of famous tourist attractions, destinations, and sights. From the bustling Irish capital of Dublin to the mighty Cliffs of Moher, the Emerald Isle attracts millions of visitors every year.

With so much to do, it would be easy for tourists to skip some truly amazing experiences. So, we thought we would highlight some of them for you.

From cultural gems in Dublin City to amazing natural landscapes, there is way more to Ireland than its popular tourist attractions. Here are the most underrated tourist attractions and getaways in Ireland.

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Derry City

There are only a few cities in Ireland, each of which has so much to offer. Perhaps the most underrated of the bunch is Derry City in Northern Ireland.

Derry is located right across the border from Donegal. Here, you will learn some fascinating history in places like The Free Derry Museum and the Tower Museum.

For fans of Derry Girls, there is even a tour of the city that brings you to the sights you see in the series. Plus, Derry is home to the only intact city walls in Ireland. Check out our full Derry guide here.

14 Henrietta Street

14 Henrietta Street in Dublin is definitely among the most underrated visitor attractions in the city. The building has a fascinating history, from housing rich families to then housing hundreds of poor Dubliners.

Many of the guides here have a connection to the Dublin tenements, and their personal knowledge really shines through. Check out our review of 14 Henrietta Street here.


Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes that tourists make when they tour Ireland is not going to the beautiful county of Donegal. And there is an island here that is well worth the visit.

Arranmore is located off the coast of Burtonport. Here, you'll take in breathtaking scenery that you won't get anywhere else. Check out our Aranmore guide here.

Hook Lighthouse

Hook Lighthouse is one of the oldest lighthouses in the world. Located in Co Wexford, visitors get to learn about its history and take in some pretty sights in Ireland's sunniest county.

Causeway Coastal Route

The Wild Atlantic Way gets plenty of well-deserved hype. However, there is another coastal route that not enough people pay attention to.

The Causeway Coastal Route stretches from Belfast to Derry along the northern coast of Ireland. It is home to The Gobbins, one of Europe's most dramatic coastal walks.

There is also The Giant's Causeway, a fascinating area of natural beauty that is steeped in folklore and legend. Other attractions along the route include the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge and Carrickfergus Castle.

Check out our Causeway Coastal Route guide here.

Guinness Lake

Yes, Ireland has a Guinness Lake. Well, it's not a lake full of Guinness, but it does resemble a pint of the black stuff.

Lough Tay is located in the beautiful Co Wicklow and is an amazing sight. It can be viewed from multiple viewpoints, which are accessible by car as well as by foot.

Check out our guide to Lough Tay here.

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