Are you thinking about taking a trip to Bimini? Are you wondering if Bimini is safe for travelers?

As a travel advisor and Bahamas specialist with experience traveling to Bimini, I can assure you that it is safe for travelers.

From its warm climate and crystal clear waters to its laid-back island vibes, there’s no doubt that Bimini is an amazing destination.

Bimini is a small island in the Bahamas that’s a popular destination for travelers who want to escape it all.

Bimini is an easy day trip from Florida and a frequent stop for cruise lines with Bahamian itineraries.

Here’s what you need to know before you travel to Bimini:

Where is Bimini?

Bimini is located in the northwestern Bahamas, approximately 50 miles off the coast of Florida. It’s one of the closest Bahamian islands to mainland America and is only a short boat ride away from the coastline.

Bimini is also only about 40 miles east of Grand Bahama, 55 miles south of Abaco, and 140 miles east of Nassau.

The island is only seven miles long and one mile wide, making it one of the smallest inhabited islands in the world.

Despite its small size, Bimini is a popular destination for travelers who want to experience its unspoiled beauty and relax in its laid-back atmosphere.

Is Bimini Safe?

Bimini is a relatively safe place for travelers. The island’s tourism police are dedicated to ensuring that tourists have a great experience, and crime is low.

However, as with any destination, it is important to practice common sense safety measures such as not leaving valuables unattended and sticking to well-lit areas at night.

I always recommend sticking to tourist areas and not wandering off on your own.

Be mindful of how much alcohol you consume, and do not become so intoxicated that you are out of control, or unable to make good decisions.

While crime rates on the island are low, there have been reports of petty crimes such as pickpocketing and theft from hotel rooms.

To avoid becoming a victim of crime, be sure to keep your valuables locked up and out of sight, and don’t leave your hotel room unlocked when you’re not there. 

Overall, Bimini is an incredibly safe destination for travelers who want to experience its unspoiled beauty without worrying.

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Safety Concerns in Bimini

Due to Bimini’s location in the Caribbean and its being on an island, there are innate dangers to be aware of as well.

First, the island is located in an area that is prone to hurricanes. If you’re traveling during hurricane season (June 1-November 30), be sure to check the forecast and have a plan in place in case of bad weather. 

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While enjoying the beautiful water that surrounds Bimini, it’s important to take action to stay safe.

There’s also a risk of getting caught in a rip current while swimming, so it’s important to be aware of your surroundings and only swim in designated areas. Understand what beach flags mean, and always follow posted instructions.

Bimini FAQ

Is it safe to walk around Bimini Bahamas?

It is generally safe to walk around Bimini. Stay in tourist areas, and don’t walk around alone at night, just like anywhere else.

Is Bimini Bahamas worth visiting?

Bimini is a very small island, but the water and sand that surround it are beautiful. The locals are friendly, and best of all it's a very short distance from the East Coast.

Bimini is definitely worth visiting on a cruise or on a weekend trip from Miami.

Is it safe to swim in Bimini?

Bimini has beautiful blue water. It is generally safe to swim in the waters around Bimini.

Never go out further than you can handle, and respect all warning signs and instructions.

Be aware of potentially dangerous marine life such as Stingrays and sharks.

What’s better Nassau or Bimini?

This is definitely a matter of opinion and everyone’s opinions will be different. Nassau has more to do but is also more commercialized.

Bimini is equally beautiful but is more laid-back and underdeveloped.

Is Bimini a party place?

There are lively bars and beaches on Bimini, however, it’s a very small island that isn’t as touristy as other Bahamian locations. If you want a party scene, I suggest RIU Palace, Paradise Island.

Why is the water so blue in Bimini?

The water in the Bahamas is a beautiful turquoise blue. This is in part because the water is very shallow, also the sand underneath is white, so the reflection makes the water lighter.

You can read more about the science behind Bahamian watercolor here.

What month is best to go to Bimini?

You can visit Bimini year-round, but the best time is between November and April.

Can you drink tap water in Bimini Bahamas?

Yes, the tap water in Bimini is safe to drink. If you aren’t comfortable, you can get bottles of water as well.

What kind of sharks are in Bimini Bahamas?

The waters surrounding Bimini are home to many sharks. There is a big shark research lab here too.

You can find lemon sharks, Caribbean reef sharks (I swam with them in Bimini), nurse sharks, bull sharks, and tiger sharks.

Hammerhead sharks also migrate through the waters around Bimini.

Are the beaches free in Bimini?

Except for the Bimini Beach Club, which is private, the beaches in Bimini are free.

Are there snakes in Bimini Bahamas?

There are snakes in Bimini, but none are poisonous. Snakes on Bimini include the Brown Blind Snake, the Pink Blind Snake, the Bahamian Brown Racer, and the Bimini Island Ground Boa.

Can you swim with pigs in Bimini Bahamas?

You cannot swim with pigs in Bimini, but you can take an excursion to Rose Island or Exuma to swim with them.

Do sharks come to shore in the Bahamas?

Sharks can occasionally come near the shore if the food they are hunting is close.

How long is the boat ride from Miami to Bimini?

It takes the ferry about 2 hours to go from Florida to Bimini. You can reserve tickets here.

Do you need a passport to go to Bimini on a boat?

If you are arriving in Bimini on a cruise ship, then you do not need a passport.

If you are arriving on the ferry or private boat, and you are not a citizen of the Bahamas, then you will need a passport.

What country owns Bimini?

Bimini is an island that is part of the Bahamas. The Bahamas is a country that has over 700 islands.

Many people think that the Bahamas is part of the US, but it is not.

Does anyone live in Bimini?

The population of Bimini Bahamas is just under 2000 residents.

Is Bimini walkable?

Bimini is small, so technically, it is walkable. However, it is hot and humid.

If you arriving at the cruise port and want to visit Alice Town, I would take a taxi.

There is a tram that runs from the cruise port to Bimini Beach Club.

Is South or North Bimini better?

South Bimini is quieter, whereas most of the activities you will want to do can be found in North Bimini.

Does Bimini have a dress code?

No, Bimini is casual. You’ll need to wear shoes and shirts at restaurants.


So, is Bimini safe?

In general, Bimini is a safe place to travel. The locals are friendly and welcoming, and there’s no need to worry about being unsafe as long as you use common sense and take precautions against petty crime.

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