From historical luxury hotels to one-of-a-kind hostels, these are some of the most interesting places to stay in Tokyo.

To the surprise of none, Tokyo is a popular vacation spot. And even if you’ve never visited Japan, chances are you’ve probably been introduced to its culture—whether it was growing up with a Nintendo obsession, seeing cherry blossoms splashed across friends’ Instagrams, or even just visits to your favorite local ramen bar. So why not plan a visit? This guide will help you with one key aspect of your trip: Sorting through Tokyo hotels to find the best one for you.

Japan has all kinds of unique attractions for travelers (see: geek culture, Michelin-starred cuisine, stunning historical sights). But it also has a reputation as an expensive place to visit. That goes double for Tokyo, where food, public transit, and entertainment options all clock in a bit pricier than the rest of the country.

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Now for the good news: Japan’s capital city has a deep bench of hotel options, most of which can either be booked directly through websites or via your favorite online booking service. (Some more traditional hotels require faxed reservation requests—however, this is rarely the case in Tokyo.) Whether you’re ready to shell out for the ultimate luxury accommodations or you’re looking for something a bit more budget friendly, you won’t have to sacrifice an interesting cultural experience in the name of getting a little sleep. From historical luxury hotels to funky hostels, here are a few of the best hotels in Tokyo.

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The Best Tokyo Hotels: 10 Unique Lodging Options in Japan's Capital City

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