Flying has always been pretty stressful, but it sounds like lately, people have been having more issues with air travel than ever before.

And it goes for beyond inconveniences against lost luggage. Apparently, people are losing the first class seats they paid for fair and square. In this rant, @clumsyophelia explained how her mom was kicked out to accommodate a pilot, and it makes sense that she's so angry! 

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As her story goes, her parents decided to splurge on first class tickets with Delta Airlines as a special treat when the entire family flew to Italy to celebrate their 50th anniversary. Given that they were both struggling with major health issues, having the extra comfort just made sense.

But when they were getting ready to board the plane, her mom's name was called, and that's when she found out that that she'd been bumped because they had a pilot who needed the seat, and even after they told the agent that their mother had Parkinson's Disease, they couldn't change her mind. 

But things got even worse. Once they finally landed in Italy, the OP found out that her bag was left on the tarmac back in Atlanta, and they couldn't give her any better answers than "you'll get your bag when you get it." 

This sounds horrific. Hopefully, Delta will make this right for her and her family, because we can't imagine what an ordeal it's been for all of them. They deserve to enjoy their trip, flight included. 

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