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Find Out How to Watch the 'Yellowstone' Spinoff '1923' Before New Episodes Return

It's a must-watch.

Celebrity Mountain Lion P-22 To Be Memorialized At Public Wake, But Controversy Looms Over His Remains – Watch Livestream

Hollywood’s most famous mountain lion will be remembered today at the Greek Theater in Griffith Park in a public and family friendly memorial put on by the “Save LA Cougars.” The event is free and open to the public, and will be filmed for a documentary. The event will run from noon Pacific time until

18 Of The Best East Coast Family Vacations and Destinations

I’ve spent 95% of my time living on the East Coast of the United States, and for the most part, I’ve loved it. We are lucky because there are so many great places for East Coast family vacations – many of which we can easily drive to. The East Coast offers many of the top …

Incredible Connecticut: 8 best places for a great family holiday

Groton, Connecticut, is perfect for those who want to learn more about the city and wildlife. It features a massive collection of museums that guests must not miss visiting. One of these is the Mystic Seaport Museum. It is an informative place where it features a recreated 19th-century maritime village. Aside from this, guests can also learn more a...

Disney World's Space 220 Restaurant Offers An Immersive, Unmatched Dining Experience

The simulated space experience at Space 220 definitely won't set you back the roughly $55 million per person cost that a SpaceX civilian flight might.

The 30 Most Impressive Airports in the World

The best places to spend your next layover.

'Shock To The System' - Asian Tour CEO Comments On OWGR Points At Saudi International

The Saudi International is offering 24 World Ranking Points, while the event at Pebble Beach is offering 37.4

The 10 animals that live the longest (one is immortal)

Among the most long-lived animals on planet Earth today are primarily a primitive species of jellyfish capable of regenerating themselves to the point of being considered, even, immortal. Following closely behind are sea sponges and corals while among vertebrates are the shark, the Greenland whale and the orca Granny, all species that live, or have life expectancies, for as long as several hundred years. In fact, the list of the longest-lived animals is quite long, but most of these animals are not very well known, partly because they are creatures we do not have to deal with. Let's find out which ten are the longest-lived.

The Best Perks of Being President of the United States

Being Commander-in-Chief comes with plenty of hidden advantages.

The Software Discrepancies That Caused A Multibillion-Euro Delay To The Airbus A380 Program

An Airbus A380 is equipped with nearly 100,000 different wires that perform 1,150 individual functions.

A museum told Catholic students to remove their anti-abortion hats. Here’s what happened next

The incident occurred at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. after the 2023 March for Life. The American Center for Law and Justice is now representing six students and two parents.

A Housekeeper Lifts the Hotel Bed Sheets and Immediately Bursts Into Tears

A Housekeeper Lifts the Hotel Bed Sheets and Immediately Bursts Into Tears

20 Iconic New Orleans Restaurants Not to Miss

Check out 20 iconic New Orleans restaurants that are too good to miss during your NOLA visit. We share our picks for the best restaurants in New Orleans for first-time visitors. We even show you how to navigate each menu in your quest to find the best place to eat in New Orleans.

Exploring Paris: A Filipino Tourist Guide

Paris is one of the most popular tourist cities in the world. It is known for its iconic landmarks, beautiful scenery, and vibrant culture. As a Filipino tourist, you can experience the best of Paris in a few days. Here are some tips to help make your trip to Paris memorable. Transportation: The best way […]

Another suspected Chinese balloon spotted over Costa Rica

CNN's Rafael Romo reports on a sighting of another suspected Chinese balloon in San José, Costa Rica.

WNBA’s Engelbert Shares Detailed Response to Chartered Flight Issue

The league commissioner weighed in on how to improve travel throughout the league.

Where is the most remote place on Earth?

10 Underrated Midwest Destinations To Visit For 2023

Perhaps you've never considered planning a trip to the midwest, but now is a great time to visit one of these incredible cities.

Russia Is Trying to Intimidate the World With Hypersonic Missiles

Plus: the greatest treasure hunt in American history, and more. Read the new Pop Mech issue NOW.

Train derailment in northeastern Ohio causes massive fire, evacuations

About 50 cars of the train derailed in East Palestine, near Ohio's border with Pennsylvania. There were no immediate reports of injuries.

9 Types of People Who Should Never Buy a Vacation Home

A vacation home quickly can become an albatross if you are one of these types of people.

Five Quick Hikes Near Asheville

Asheville is the epicenter of outdoor exploration in WNC. The Blue Ridge Parkway passes just south of the city, providing a vein of adventure that's easily accessible. There miles of trails within reach for everyone!

From China to Big Sky: The Balloon That Unnerved the White House

Star gazing is nothing unusual in Montana, where skies go on forever. But as Chase Doak left work on a Wednesday and looked up on a cold winter day he saw a mysterious round white object that was clearly neither the moon or a star.

Royal Caribbean Goes Smaller; Carnival Pushes Back on Dining Rumor

Both cruise lines have made major dining changes with Royal Caribbean quietly making another one and Carnival denying a persistent rumor.

Close Call at Dive Meet

Occurred on January 12, 2023 / Twinsburg, Ohio USA: "Scary Moment! This video was recorded when my daughter, Cecelia, was competing in her diving meet. She was dangerously close to hitting the diving board and as you can see/hear from how the judges rea

FAA ground stop for Chinese spy balloon shootdown results in massive flight radar gap off South Carolina coast

The Federal Aviation Administration issued a ground stop on flights in North Carolina and South Carolina near the area around a Chinese spy balloon flying near the Atlantic.

8 Dirty Secrets About American Cities That Tourism Boards Don't Want You to Hear

Just like you won't hear about the noisy next-door neighbors when you rent an Airbnb, you often won't hear about the seedier parts of a ... Read More

April is peak season for Florida. The 8 can't-miss spots to visit

It is known for the large shallow sand bar just a few feet offshore. It shares the same bathhouse with the Calusa beach. Sandspur is the largest beach; it is located on the southeast end of the island. There are three large pavilions in the Sandspur area and a bathhouse with outdoor, fresh water showers. Explore more about these beautiful destinati...

US customs agents found the skull of a young dolphin in an unaccompanied bag at Detroit airport, prompting a federal law enforcement investigation

The US Fish and Wildlife Service is investigating after agents found a dolphin skull inside someone's luggage at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

Cultural Tourism: 8 best destinations in Washington

Explore more about these beautiful destinations on Microsoft Travel. Whether you’re looking solo travel, mountain treks, or just some relaxing time on beaches, Microsoft Travel is your one-stop vacation planning destination. Book flights and hotels at competitive rates, explore area attractions, see weather trends, create an itinerary, and much mor...

Zoo owl escapes and sparks New York City rescue mission

A Eurasian eagle-owl named Flaco escaped from his home at the Central Park Zoo, sending workers and bird lovers on a long rescue mission through New York City.

10 Cruise Outfit Ideas for Women

10 Cruise Outfit Ideas for Women I feel like the springtime is when a lot of people like to plan warm weather vacations to escape the cold. Personally, I have my own cruise vacation coming up and I’ve been outfit planning for the past few…

An Alien Portal In The Grand Canyon? | Unveiled

An Alien Portal In The Grand Canyon? | Unveiled

Rainbow tower removed from playground after parents claim it's 'satanic'

The National Parents’ Association of Uganda decried the structure as an ‘invasion of homosexuality through manipulation of children’s minds.’

Egypt, world's oldest mummy discovered: photos

Recent archaeological excavations in Egypt have led to the discovery of a mummy dating back some 4,300 years, making it the oldest mummy in the world found to date. The discovery was made near the Pyramid of Saqqara, about 30 kilometers from Cairo. This discovery represents both an important archaeological treasure and a unique window into the life and funerary customs of the ancient Egyptians. In this photo gallery, we explore the details of this extraordinary discovery and what it can teach us about the ancient history of Egypt. (Source: The Guardian)

Your State's Most Charming Italian Restaurant

We've picked our favorite Italian restaurant in every state from family-run spots to sleek modern eateries. Buon appetito!

The Best Cities To Retire on $2,000 a Month

You're planning to retire in the not-so-distant future, which means you'll be living on a fixed income. Therefore, you're looking for a new hometown where you can enjoy life while stretching your...

9 best destinations in Ohio for culture buffs

Explore more about these beautiful destinations on Microsoft Travel. Whether you’re looking solo travel, mountain treks, or just some relaxing time on beaches, Microsoft Travel is your one-stop vacation planning destination. Book flights and hotels at competitive rates, explore area attractions, see weather trends, create an itinerary, and much mor...

Not Just Skiing: Why Telluride (& Its Views) Are The Perfect February Destination

More than just epic skiing, Telluride is a winter wonderland whose stunning views, fun attractions & historic vibes make it perfect February getaway.

FAA resumes flights at three airports after Chinese balloon shot down

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has resumed flights at three airports in North Carolina and South Carolina after pausing them temporarily as the Chinese surveillance balloon moved across those states before reaching the Atlantic Ocean. The FAA said in a statement on Saturday that it paused departures and arrivals at Wilmington International Airport in North Carolina and Myrtle Beach…

Off-peak travel: 8 places in US to visit in March

Explore more about these beautiful destinations on Microsoft Travel. Whether you’re looking solo travel, mountain treks, or just some relaxing time on beaches, Microsoft Travel is your one-stop vacation planning destination. Book flights and hotels at competitive rates, explore area attractions, see weather trends, create an itinerary, and much mor...

Last Boeing 747 Ever Produced Draws Flight Path Farewell Message to ‘Queen of the Skies’:

The iconic Boeing 747 is no longer being made, and the Atlas Air crew that took delivery of the final 747 made a special drawing in the sky.

Plectrum: hydrogen superyacht, measuring 74 meters and flying over the water at 140 Km/h

It's called Plectrum the latest luxury yacht designed by the Italian design studio Lazzarini. 74 meters long, it is designed to be the fastest in its category thanks to a system equal to that of a hydrofoil. The inspiration comes from the catamarans of the America's Cup but instead of being pushed by the wind, "Plectrum" moves and rises above the surface of the water before leaving. Plectrum is very powerful with three hydrogen-powered engines of 5000 hp each that allow it to reach a maximum speed of 75 knots (140 km / h). The construction is entirely made of carbon fiber composite materials.

Allegiant Pilots Union Against Joint Venture With Viva Aerobus

The DOT finished its initial review of the application earlier this year.

Kansas City's Renaissance Festival - A Faire for All

While the Midwest is often considered the “Flyover States” by the rest the country, we’re here to tell you Kansas City has an abundance of possibilities for those who visit. One of the most joyous experiences for locals and visitors...

Watch a Plane's Door Rip Open During a Horrifying Commercial Flight

Thankfully, nobody died. But that probably shouldn't have happened.

I worked as a paralegal by day and had a secret side hustle as a stripper by night. I felt like Clark Kent living a double life.

Raven Inferno, a 27-year-old paralegal, was secretly moonlighting as a stripper at night so she could afford to rent a home by herself.

Bask in the brilliance of Brutalist architecture

Brutalism is a polarizing style of architecture, but it has still managed to spread all across the world since its first rise in popularity in the 20th century. While some find the rigid, calculated, and monochrome structures to be ugly, imposing, or even dystopic, others find serenity in the right angles and romance in simple, quality materials. Regardless of how you feel about Brutalism, the reasons behind its intimidating and irregular nature are fascinating, and go far beyond simple aesthetics. Read on to learn about Brutalism, and discover some of the finest examples of architecture's most fascinating style.

OMG: Couple Leaves Baby at Airport Check-In Counter and There's Video

We've seen more than our fair share of bad behavior at airports in recent years but the couple who left their baby at the airport counter may top the list.

An Alabama Airport Worker Died After Being Sucked Into a Jet Engine

Death by ingestion is uncommon, but not unprecedented.