40 American Towns You Haven't Heard of But Should Visit ASAP

Hit the roads less traveled.

See inside the luxury bunkers where the super-rich reportedly plan to save themselves from a future apocalypse

Companies like Vivos and Rising S offer luxury shelters with amenities that include underground pools, gardens, horse stables, and entire villages.

Did you know that stocks that crashed during the pandemic have nearly returned 75% since their lows in 2020?. American Airline, Caesars Entertai, JetBlue Airways ...

Stocks in this list have companies that had their businesses significantly impacted by the lockdown. This list’s performance is calculated on an equally weighted method.

We Need to Talk About the World's 30 Most Baffling Superstitions

Why is March 15 so unlucky? Why do we bless people when they sneeze? What are those fears of broken mirrors all about? We looked at 30 old, weird traditions that subtly impact how we go about our days.

Star Trek Introduced Travelers Way, Way Before Picard

Picard's season finale shed a good deal of light on the mysterious Travelers, but a Gold Key comic predicted their existence in the 1970s'

Australia’s 30 weirdest statues

Australia is home to beautiful beaches, lush rainforests, exotic (and deadly) wildlife, and, apparently, some of the most bizarre monuments in the Southern Hemisphere. Think Nebraska’s Carhenge is strange (and for the record, it is)? Wait till you get a load of some of the stuff they’ve erected Down Under. Here are Australia’s 30 weirdest statues.

Southwest Airlines Big New Move Helps Passengers Level Up

If you're not a customer of the discount airline, maybe you should consider becoming one because it keeps making moves based on customer happiness.

In Search of Old California

By Michele E. Buttelman When using the term “old California” many people think of a specific era in California history, the “rancho period.” The “rancho period” is considered to be between the 1830s and the 1850s. This is the time in which the Mexican government distributed lands through land grants that had been under the […]

Macau Casino shares jump on hopes of sooner return to normal

The casino sector's gains came after news over the weekend that Macau is set to resume issuing electronic visas and allowing Chinese group tours around late October or early November.

20 Incredible Places to Visit in Utah For Your Utah Road Trip

Planning to visit Utah? Get excited, because there are so many incredible places to visit in Utah that we often refer to the state as BeaUTAHful. From the arches and red rocks, to the desert … 20 Incredible Places to Visit in Utah For Your Utah Road Trip Read More »

Disney Jungle Cruise Party Ideas - Zebra Print Chocolate Bark

Disney Jungle Cruise birthday party ideas. This Zebra print Chocolate Bark is simply melted chocolate piped into a zebra animal print. Disney Jungle Cruise Party Ideas – Zebra Print Chocolate Bark We made this Animal Chocolate Bark in honor of the upcoming release of The Jungle Cruise from Disney. This is the perfect chocolate barkContinue Reading

How This Component Creates A Protective Air Barrier Between Each Passenger Seat

AirShield prevents respiratory droplet transmission from row to row and between neighboring travelers.

19 Last-Minute Fall Vacation Ideas for Families

From fall foliage to taking part in outdoor adventures or relaxing on a white sand beach, there are plenty of fun travel experiences this fall.

Man's 'Nightmare' Room at a Hostel in Alaska Has People Laughing Out Loud

This is the last thing he expected.

Road Trip Stops in Every State You Need to Add to Your List

You don't want to miss these American treasures.

Three Injured In Pennsylvania Amusement Park Shooting

Three people, including a 15-year-old, were injured during a shooting inside the Kennywood amusement park in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, on Saturday night. Investigators say a fight broke out between two … The post Three Injured In Pennsylvania Amusement Park Shooting appeared first on Baller Alert.

20 cool attractions for adults at Disney

Walt Disney World isn’t just for kids and Mickey Mouse. Children love it, of course, but so do adults. Here are 20 cool attractions for grown-ups that you won’t want to miss when you visit Disney’s Florida theme parks.

40 Photos Showing Carrie Underwood's Transformation

From American Idol to country royalty.

17 Pumpkin Patches and Corn Mazes Near Raleigh

If you only recently moved to Raleigh, you may not realize it, but Raleigh is (or was) surrounded by farms. With all the growth of the past decade though, our landscapes and industries are slowly changing. The farms may be fewer in numbers, but there are plenty still less than an hours drive away to … 17 Pumpkin Patches and Corn Mazes Near Raleigh Read More »

This Italian Island Will Pay You 15,000 Euros To Move There — Here Are The Requirements

The alluring Italian island of Sardinia is offering 15,000 Euros to potential new residents. Read more on why and what the requirements are.

A Guide to Visiting World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Georgia

Dive inside the World of Coca-Cola in this popular museum in Downtown Atlanta! Check out this guide to learn more before your tour.

Potion Permit Map and All Locations List

This guide will tell you about Potion Permit Map and will list all locations for you.

'Free doobie on your pillow!': Cannabis friendly vacation rentals are becoming more popular

The Bud and Breakfast is taking off as more people are booking marijuana friendly vacation rentals when they travel to places where its legal.

Ian beginning to affect travel with potential to reach US as major hurricane

Even as parts of the Caribbean continue their recovery from Hurricane Fiona and Canada deals with the remnants of the storm system this weekend, concerns are growing about the impact of another strengthening storm: Ian. Jamaica, the Cayman Islands and Cuba, along with the Florida Keys and Florida peninsula are on alert this weekend and …

Man's Time-Lapse Video Taken From the Airplane Window Is Downright Breathtaking

This makes us want to hop a plane and forget about our worries.

Flight crew ignores disabled woman dragging herself to bathroom

Jennie Berry claimed she was told by one of the flight attendants that all people with disabilities should "wear a diaper" during flights.

Complete Guide to Casa Grande Ruins National Monument

Casa Grande Ruins National Monument located in Arizona preserves Hohokam Culture and ruins of the largest prehistoric st

Libra: Your daily horoscope - September 26

Libra: here are your general predictions for the day September 26

10 Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Airplane Habits: Are YOU Guilty?

The more I travel, the more it seems that passengers are becoming increasingly selfish or oblivious to their actions on planes and how they impact the people around them. By being more considerate passengers, we can all make travel that much more enjoyable for everyone.

'Racist and Misogynistic' Incident Aboard Southwest Flight Detailed By Victim's Husband

Yesterday, on a Southwest Airlines flight from Orlando to Phoenix, a passenger was allegedly injured by another passeng

Sights from the Pokemon GO Safari Zone in Goyang city, Korea

Niantic has always been a company that wanted people to go out and explore the “real world”. As the pandemic era has been easing down, they were able to hold offline events for Pokemon GO again, as they held their annual GO Fest offline in Berlin, Seattle, and Sapporo. Another offline event for Niantic and Pokemon GO was the Safari Zone, which came...

A Bachelor Nation beauty holds hands with her girlfriend, plus more celeb couples' red carpet debuts

See how some of Hollywood's most well-known couples officially announced their relationships to the world.

Where To Hunt Bears In The Long Dark

Bears are dangerous, but if you insist on hunting them in The Long Dark, here are the best places to go.

Three wounded, including two 15-year-old boys and man, 39, in shooting near Pittsburgh theme park

The teens, believed to be 15-year-olds, and the adult male, 39, are in stable condition after suffering gun shots to their legs near 11 p.m. on Saturday at Kennywood Park. The gunman is still on the loose

9 Undeniable Reasons To Visit Lake Blackshear Resort

Lake Blackshear Resort sits in Middle Georgia, with beautiful views of the lake created from the Flint River. Cypress trees and Spanish moss dot the edges of the lake, creating a spectacular view from the resort. With the proximity within Ga Veterans State Park and the SAM Shortline, this is a relaxing and memorable place to bring the family for vacation.

Breaking: Copa Airlines 737 Goes Off Runway At Tocumen Airport

Copa Airlines 737 goes off runway in Panama

The Best Perks of Being President of the United States

Being Commander-in-Chief comes with plenty of hidden advantages.

Obama parks in handicapped spot at swanky LA sushi restaurant

Barack Obama was pictured boarding his Secret Service SUV on Saturday, which was parked over a handicap spot in West LA's trendy Hamasaku sushi restaurant.

Are You Obligated to Switch Seats on a Plane?

If a passenger asks you to switch seats on an airplane, are you obligated to do it? There are a few variables to consider.

Ithra Receives 90,000 Visitors on the Saudi National Day

During the activities of the Saudi National 92nd on the evening of last Friday and Saturday, the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra) received more than 90,000 visitors, where the artist Moaz Bakna and the artist Jori Kattan performed a concert amid a wonderful public interaction.The enri

Studies Show This State Has The Biggest Halloween Vibe

The spookiest state isn’t necessarily something easy to quantify, but by following Halloween trends, the data starts to paint an image.

Weird Rules Royals Have To Follow In The Bathroom

The royal family has a lot of interesting guidelines they have to follow — here are weird rules royals have to follow in the bathroom, of all places.

Hotel reimbursement for canceled flight: This passenger waited months and isn’t alone

TPG reader Andrew Kavan faced the same painful experience as countless other travelers this spring and summer. While on a business trip in Charleston, South Carolina, in late May, he learned the first leg of his return trip home to Omaha, Nebraska, aboard Delta Air Lines had been canceled. Rebooked on another flight, he found …

Why A Tour Of This Private Island In Nova Scotia Sells Out In Minutes

There’s no island quite as desirable as Nova Scotia’s Oak Island. It isn't your typical island paradise, but its mystery makes it a hot ticket.

The strange etiquette rules you never heard of

When it comes to social etiquette, it seems that the devil is in each culture’s details. Every country has its own social rules and manners, and what one person considers rude may be appropriate for another.

11 amazing hobbit homes you can actually stay in

You can now dip your toes (hairy or otherwise) into Shire-inspired living by renting a Hobbit house on Vrbo for a night or two. Check out these charming, quirky, wholly unique vacation rentals available around U.S. and beyond.

Which US airports are cheapest for domestic flights?

Ticket costs vary considerably between airports – social competition, alternative routes and the diverse quality of experience offered from airline to airline mean that the most intuitive airport of departure is not always the cheapest.

Autumn anxiety: what it is, and what you can do about it

You may be familiar with seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which mainly affects people during the winter months. But fall can also affect our mental health, particularly when it comes to raising our levels of anxiety. If you feel a bit more tense and anxious at this time of year, you are definitely not alone. In this gallery we explain what autumn anxiety is, and what you can do about about it. Click through.

Travel prices may be dropping—is now the time to book a trip?

Though airline and hotel staffing shortages continue to wreak havoc, recent data suggest that prices for hotels, air travel and rental cars are softening

How to Save Big on Your Next Hawaii Vacation

Paradise doesn't have to break the bank.